brand new logo design

May 15, 2013 : Malevolence is considered by the metal community in Portugal and abroad as a cult act. Producing and delivering some of the finest extreme progressive metal available since 1994, the band has released two official albums significantly acclaimed worldwide by the fans and the media.

KKStructures was commissioned to create their brand new identity design plus everything collateral, including the development of a vast array of goods generated for the purpose of supporting the release of their upcoming 3rd full length album Antithetical. Considering the band has never been completely satisfied with the results of their identity representation in the past, this particular work represented a very ambitious task, from beginning to end, meaning it was necessary to come out with a very strong and impressive result.


During the development of their new identity having in mind the Malevolence representation at a worldwide level, KKStructures had to keep in mind the history and overall achievements of the band thus far, as well as their current musical status and everything possible just looking round the corner.

The brand new Malevolence identity (logo) is slick in perspective, ultra modern in representation and extremely bold in scope without detracting from the integrity of the music the band creates. The new structural accomplished design is perfectly articulated to project their past, their present and their future. A very rock-solid logo working flawlessly both in black and white and in reserve representation.

As the exclusive design studio (since the fall of 2011), responsible for creating everything related with the official merchandise of Malevolence, including the overall artwork direction for their upcoming album, there are quite a few collateral designs that will be under upload in the next weeks.

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"Ever since the new logo was unleashed upon the market we have been regularly contacted by the fans and the public in general. People are in love with the new one and want to know more about the entity responsible for the logo development. That alone just speaks volumes and for the very first time since our inception we have a solid corporate identity undoubtedly able to represent us ‘till the end of our musical endeavor. "

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